Saturday, October 18

Six months.

That is how long it has been since I have posted.

A year ago, I was called the Facebook Girl, notorious with the GOP party for my winning sexual harassment lawsuit case against Toms River Mayor Tom Kelaher and the township.

Once woven in a net of political lies that lead directly to the Trenton Statehouse steps, I asked for forgiveness and told the secrets I was never supposed to tell.

My story can be found here or here.

Whether or not you believe it is no difference to me.

Only God can judge, and believe me, He is.

And while He does, earthly judges will fall. With Clara Colon and Women Empowering Women, men and women on the bench should begin to pray for forgiveness.



Wednesday, March 19

Watchdog Questions Somerset County

It has been exactly a month to the day since my post on the eve of Governor Christie’s first town hall since Bridgegate.

Since that meeting, and a few more around the state, there is no resolve, only more questions. Like Sandy funds, My Central Jersey Watchdog questions where funds related to Corrupt Somerset County Prosecutor Nicholas Bissell are.

Since October, I have stood aside Laura Trueman, sister to Justice4Brenda, demanding the governor address Brenda’s murderer gone free.

The noted report above, and My9 ChasingNJ coverage of the Brenda Wolf Story, prove without a shadow of a doubt that Jeffrey Wolf is a stone-cold murderer walking the streets with Brenda’s blood on his hands.

See Justice4Brenda served by following her story that just can’t die.




Wednesday, February 19th

Good evening North America.

And that it is.

With no Northeaster in the forecast, Mother Nature lends a little hope to the Garden State.

What snow does threaten the district is the storm of lies about to be told tomorrow in Middletown, New Jersey, where Governor Chris Christie will hold his first town hall meeting since Bridgegate.

Not only do I look forward to attending aforementioned event, I will, like so many other locals look for the leader to give an explanation to where exactly federal funds to Restore the Shore are.

And I don’t mean the funds filtered to Seaside Heights business owners, I mean the money needed to rebuild homes and lives that were destroyed by the storm.

As with January 31, Godspeed Trenton Statehouse Protest, I will be sending live footage to my Facebook feed for all North American residents, and worldwide supporters, to follow as the hopeful 2016 president lies his way through more illegal activity.




Thursday, February 6th

American football fan

Good day North America.

If you are coming over from Facebook, welcome to my website.

As with said social media site, and Twitter and Linkedin, I have promoted Godspeed for almost four months now, building each venue with videos and narratives that tell the Angela Santoriello story. Though titled with my surname, the story is that of so many other women, employees and citizens.

As with all mankind, I play many roles. As a woman, I have fought hard to be taken seriously in a male-dominated society, only to be knocked down and taken blatant advantage of as a Toms River Township public information officer.

As an employee, I was bullied by other women, who pushed their political power on me for their own gain. And lastly as a citizen, I too, am being cheated by a system set up for the elite, who take from the poor to prosper their purses.

However, what sets me apart is that I did not keep my mouth shut as I was supposed to. I spoke, and still do, as loud as I can to get the attention of the masses that are just like you and me.

As I refuse to give up, I ask you do the same. Like imperative Godspeed posts on Facebook, and Tweet timely movement reports on my thread.

But most of all, pray for change and it will prevail.

See in the end, it is all God’s; the power, the money and the influence. And the beauty of it is the Providence gives it to us to use wisely.

So do so. It is your right, it is your responsibility, get rid of Christie.



Florida’s Greg Hastings’ Fight Against the Federal Government

North America as you can see by the video posted above, Godspeed is supporting Greg Hastings’ fight against the Federal Government. As with Laur Trueman’s Justice4Brenda, Greg seeks to the reveal the truth.

Though 9/11 Conspiracy theories are just that, the notion that America was deceived by leaders like Bush, the thought, when pondered, makes scary sense. Though it is frightening as hell to think America, the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, would manipulate its power at the expense of its own people to gain power throughout the world, defies common decency, yet not logic.

We are not free if we are being used and we are not brave if we continue to let it go on.

We the People, by right of the United States Constitution, are free to take back what is ours. And God knows we are just the brazen bunch to do it.

So let us. Let us begin to think on it and act on our heart’s answer.

Godspeed Greg Hastings.

Saturday, January 25th

Good afternoon North America, because you know you are reading today’s narrative.

And if you’re not, then you are bewitched into believing only Fox News or MSNBC is telling you the truth.

Guess what, you’re so wrong it’s scary.

Once again, and for the final time might I add, I state in short clip that I AM not only for real, I have evidence as seen in the video, and more where that came from, to prove all my allegations are the truth and nothing but the truth so help me God.

For those that think they can threaten me by bringing up my daughter, who I gave up for adoption to my eldest brother at the age of 2 and is now back living with me, it will not work. See if anything, your threat of said adoption proves you are biased against mothers who give their children to family members to care for them while they are getting their lives together.

Unlike me, you raise your children in your homes and pollute them with lies for your own gain, hence McGuckin, Donohue, Gilmore’s parenting skills, so that they become just like you.

That is why I began Godspeed, to not only assure honest taxpaying citizens do not only remove said politicians and political bosses, but also to not give their seats to their children, friends and relatives, like Christie did with Sampson, the head of the Port Authority.

With that enjoy the video.



Florida’s Fight Against the United States Government

The following was written by Greg Hastings of Florida, who currently is in the process of filing a lawsuit against high-level politicians in the United States Government. 

To witness Hillary Clinton cop the indignant attitude which she did while she was getting grilled for the Libyan Ambassador’s death, and watch her response that “It doesn’t matter why he was killed, what matters is that we try to avoid this type of incident In the future.”

This is an outrageous thing to say.

It’s outrageous that this woman has the nerve to even consider running for President of the United States.

There is a lot of secret cover-up regarding the Benghazi attack on the U.S. Compound, for example several top-level military generals, and strategic advisors who were scattered throughout Central and Northern Africa THAT COULD have assisted, HAD NO IDEA that this compound even existed. The weapons and other contraband that were transferred through or in cooperation WITH American Ambassador Chris Stevens is mind boggling, and Hillary Clinton was right in the middle of it, and she let this guy and his workers get roasted and tortured by the insurgents.

IT’S UNTHINKABLE that she herself is not behind bars. But all of this isn’t covered by the media because the government controls what we hear and see from the media, and as such, most Americans are left totally uninformed.

Thursday, January 23

Good afternoon North America, as I note in the attached video.

As you will watch in the next two minutes, I call out Chris Christie, as I’ve been doing for at least three months.

Now that you are watching, along with followers I’ve had from the beginning, you will want to follow more.

And why, because this is a reality show that I have produced, directed, and starred in myself. It is not only a story about political corruption, it is a story about bullying, adultery, drug abuse, suicide and more.

Just like gambling online is now illegal in Jersey, I make a bet that as I said three months ago, Chris Christie will not only not be president, he will be behind bars if I have anything to do with it.

With that, George Gilmore Uncle Ben sends his best.




The Fall of a New Jersey Political Boss Part 1

North America, welcome to 2014.

Godspeed is literally moving quicker than lighting with Brick Township “ousting” according to the Ocean Signal, New Jersey Political Boss George Gilmore, Governor Christie’s master.

As his bitch, Christie is inevitably effected by the district Democrats who made the right move by not feeding his firm trusted taxpayer’s funds during a dying economy.

Godspeed Phil Stilton,


Ocean Signal Coverage of The Fall of a New Jersey Political Boss Part 1